8 Strategies to Drive Immediate Change in Your Corporate Culture

Monique Daigneault
Seasoned Executive Coach and Human Resource professional for over 25 years. For decades Monique has been using her experience and insights to coach leaders who want to make a bigger impact and have greater influence in their organizations.

What We’ll Cover In This Event:

✓ Increase team motivation and productivity 50% by improving work life balance

✓ Uncover your unique strengths and authentic style to influence, persuade, and connect with others

✓ Embrace critical mindset techniques that will help you achieve goals and develop a high performing team

✓ Implement time management techniques that will allow you MORE time to lead proactively and effortlessly without stress

✓ Make decisions that are more efficient and effective especially during critical situations

✓ Eliminate common communication mistakes that may be causing conflict and turnover

✓ Increase your confidence and gain visibility when you’re speaking to any audience and especially when you’re under pressure

✓ Improve your performance appraisals with strategies that will help you retain key talent and get that promotion